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Twilight Circus Application

Postby Humphries » Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:57 pm

Before applying to Twilight Circus, please make sure you agree with our culture, schedule, and policies. Also, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the recruitment process described below.

How the Raider recruitment process works:
  • Please fill out the application form. We've had reports of the anti-spam question causing problems for people. Please be sure to capitalize the name of the guild master of TC and you will have no problems. Please draft your answers in notepad as you can lose your work due to server timeouts if you are taking a while to press submit.
  • An officer will contact you via email and/or battlenet only if you have been accepted for the next step. This may involve a bit of back and forth discussion and ends with an interview in Mumble.
  • During the interview, we will discuss next steps and ask each other questions. We will make a final determination about bringing you on as a recruit and discuss expectations about a possible length for your recruitment period. A typical trial may last anywhere from two to four weeks.
  • Not relevant for Battle for Azeroth which is "Personal Loot", but keeping this here should things change: While recruiting, you will not be eligible for loot that is still needed by current guild members. You are of course welcome to anything that is not needed. Should you ultimately become a guild member, you will be 100% eligible for participation in our guild loot policy.

For those interested in being a Member, but not a Raider:
  • Fill out the above application to the best of your ability, especially the questions that are not just about raiding.
  • Indicate somewhere on the application that you are not interested in raiding with us, and are simply interested in being a Member.
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