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About Twilight Circus

Postby Humphries » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:12 pm

Who we are:
Twilight Circus is a Horde guild on the Garona server with a primary focus on 20-man mythic raiding. We invite you to learn about our unique raiding system which allows us to focus on progression while fostering new talent. We are looking for new raiders in a few key positions. If you have the right attitude and skill, there is a good opportunity for you to be involved with us on progression content.

Raiding Schedule:
  • Tuesday 9pm-12am (CST)
  • Thursday 9pm-12am (CST)
  • Sunday 9pm-12am (CST)
We have members from all North American time zones, and these raid times offer us the best flexibility. Raid times are based on server time zone, which is Central Standard Time (CST).

Guild Ranks:
One of the things that makes Twilight Circus so unique is the diversity of our members. We have several guild ranks to help define our different types of members and to reward those who are more dedicated, hard-working, and skilled.
  • Friends\Family - Close friends and family of guild members who enjoy socializing and being a part of the guild. Please see the Friends and Family section below for more details.
  • Recruit - Those going through the recruitment process to become a Member or Raider. If you are interested in joining, you can find a list of our current openings here.
  • Member - Guildmates who are not as interested or committed to raiding at this time.
  • Raider - Our raid-eligible rank. Raiders show the skill and preparedness necessary to raid.
  • Officer - An active member who helps run and maintain the guild.

What we expect of our raiders:
Please be online 10 minutes early for events. Please be logged in to your correct character and have all proper materials (flasks, gems, enchanting materials, etc.) that you need for the evening. In addition, please make sure your equipment is fully repaired.

You must have and be able to use Mumble for voice communication. At the bare minimum, you will only need to be able to listen, so not having a microphone is okay. Download Mumble here.

Our ultimate goal is success in our raids. Being friendly, open-minded, and respectful towards both our own members, as well as the rest of the server population, is non-negotiable. You do not have to be decked out in BiS gear to be a part of the guild, nor have any experience in the latest raids or fight mechanics. As long as you have excellent situational awareness, exhibit a willingness to learn, accept constructive criticism, and demonstrate that you are driven to improve and contribute, the Circus is the place for you.

Attendance and Communication:
Our Raider rank has attendance requirements in order to reward our most dedicated guildmates with guaranteed play-time. Since both attendance and communication are important to the success of our raids, they are key metrics used to maintain raid eligibility. Knowing that our raiders have lives outside of WoW (vacations, business trips, etc..), we allow you to miss raids and still keep your raid eligibility as long as you give advance notice. Fail to communicate your absences in advance, however, and you will be warned on your first offense and possibly demoted to Member rank if absences continue with no advance warning.

Regardless of your reasons for absence, and regardless of whether you have given advance notice or not, if you miss a substantial amount of raids, you will be warned first and eventually demoted to Member (as an example, you will not be demoted for missing two weeks due to vacation and giving us advance notice, but you would be considered for demotion if your job changed your work schedule and you are now going to miss one night of raiding every week for the foreseeable future). In addition, if you go on hiatus or take a break from raiding, you will automatically be demoted to Member. When you are ready to participate in raids once again, you will need to re-earn your spot in exactly the same way that anyone else would.

We expect you to communicate your inability to make events in a timely manner. The preferred method of communicating your absence is the AFK guild forum. The more notice you give us, the better. If you find yourself in an emergency and you just cannot let anybody know of your absence in advance, please just contact us the next time that you are able. If we have to chase you down to find out why you were absent, your raid team will not be happy with you. Please use common sense and understand that all we ask for is your cooperation and communication.

Choosing which rank suits your play style and commitment level is an important part of being in the Circus. Hypothetically speaking, if you were ever asked what color your nose would be if you were a clown, you should say, "blue with a gold jester hat" because that would imply you have read and understand the guild policies.

We use a form of loot council. Instead of a set council however, the council for a particular piece of loot is formed from the raid leader(s) and all people interested in the loot. A decision is made on where the upgrade makes most sense. This may involve not only current gear and guild rank, but also things like specific roles on upcoming fights or a general gearing strategy (Example: We are hitting berserk, so tanks/healers are doing their job -- We need to gear the DPS). It is important to remember that loot is for the team, not the individual. The idea behind this honor system is to get the interested loot parties to agree what is best for the team so that it does not always seem like a council of elders is making the decision, but final decision/veto power does go to raid leaders. In a case where multiple people are equally eligible and interested, a roll will decide the winner.

Exceptionally rare loot (eg. boss mounts, legendaries, cosmetic items) is handled a bit differently. We require our Raiders to have raided with us for at least one full raiding tier before they are eligible for such things. For example, if you are a Raider on our team for the first and last boss fight of a tier, that would make you eligible. If you come in during the middle of a tier, you will have to wait until the end of the next raiding tier to be eligible.

BoE epics have come in two forms over the years. For the personal loot variety, the owner of the item has 100% control over the fate of that item. However, those that drop on the master loot table are treated similarly to other loot drops. Alts and off-specs are not eligible for free BoE epics. If no main spec character in the guild needs the item, it can be purchased at a 50% guild discount. If nobody wishes to purchase the item at discount it will be liquidated for guild bank funds. This policy helps to keep complimentary guild bank repairs, in addition to providing commonly used materials in an effort to alleviate farming.

Guild Events:
In addition to our formally scheduled raid nights, guildmates often organize additional events on off-nights. Some of these include social events like races or scavenger hunts. Others involve guild PvP events like battlegrounds or wargames. Auxiliary raids are often organized for various reasons (eg. a focus on achievements, or gearing alts). These events are always fun, and by default, normal guild policy and rules apply. However, the organizer of these events is given the power to specify their own custom rules. As an example, a raid designed to gear up alts might choose to adjust the standard loot policies to make more sense.

Friends and Family:
After our members settle in and decide how much they love being part of the Circus, they often ask whether their friends, family, and/or co-workers can join. Since our priorities include having fun, keeping our members happy, and making our guild an even bigger and more awesome family, we have methods in place to allow this.

If you want to play on a more casual basis, we have a Friends\Family guild rank that is perfect for those looking for a place to socialize and make friends. Please talk to your friends in the guild for more information on how to join in this way. However, if you want to be part of our raiding ranks, then you will still need to apply as anyone else would here. Please note that we do not allow existing casual members to invite their own friends and family, as this domino effect on the guild roster could quickly get out of hand.

We ask that regardless of your guild rank, you are respectful to all citizens of the server while wearing our guild tag.

Please see our recruitment needs here.
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Mythic Team

Postby Humphries » Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:26 am

The mythic team is a group of select Raiders that are dedicated to blazing through current raid content. All possible members of the mythic team are evaluated fairly, and once you are a part of the mythic team you are expected to consistently perform at an exceptional level.

Mythic team members must be extremely knowledgeable about all current encounters and should be an expert at their class/spec. While being a part of the mythic team requires a level of dedication often associated with "hardcore" type guilds, participation is voluntary. If you do not wish to put in the commitment needed for the mythic team there are additional opportunities within the guild that require less dedication.

How members are evaluated

  1. Situational Awareness - Situational Awareness is the ability to see and react to as much as possible in a raid setting. This includes not standing in fire, knowing exactly when to move and how far, realizing threat levels, noticing someone else standing in fire and speaking up to help them out, and just overall being able to react to whatever is thrown at the individual.
  2. Attitude - Fairly self explanatory. Attitude means not lashing out at others because of a bad night, not being a drag on the raid because of complaining, and being able to wipe on a boss for 3 weeks and still be willing to go back the 4th week. Additionally, this includes being prepared for new encounters and the willingness to take on tasks that you may feel are beneath you or that will not allow you to parse. Switching specs when needed and basically just having the attitude that the success of the group is paramount. This is a progression team and the content will test your resolve and commitment to this game. The right attitude is extremely important.
  3. Attendance - Again, self explanatory. Can the person make every raid night? On the nights he/she has missed in the past was notice given? Stable internet connection?
  4. Play Style - Play style is almost an extension of situational awareness. Examples are using defensive cooldowns properly, knowing how to change ones rotation for a heavy movement fight, knowing what do on light movement fights, dispelling and interrupting the boss, etc... Anyone can do well on a tank and spank, but how does their play adapt to real raid encounters? This is where you prove that you can live through things that you should not be able to by using CDs properly or adapting to get that extra burst damage needed on a boss encounter.
  5. DPS/HPS/TPS - Meters, yes they matter. This category is more for DPS than anything, but Healing and Tanking can also be judged here as well. Healing is the trickiest one and will need to be judged differently according to each class. As for tanks, how well do they hold threat and damage taken should be considered here.
  6. History with guild - Self explanatory. Has the player been with the guild for a while and through the ups and downs? Has this player proven that they will stay with the guild even during a bad period?
  7. Class Fit - How does the class fit into the mythic team? Certain roles and buffs are needed and does this class bring any of those?

In the past, we've tried having different formal ranks for our raiders, but that caused a few problems. Now we have a single raid rank, and although all Raiders have the same opportunity to prove their worth, those who consistently perform at a high level will see more play time and increased loot consideration. If at anytime you find yourself unsatisfied with your play time or loot distribution, please talk to the raid leader(s) to see what you can work on to improve your standing.

Apprentice System
Apprentice is not a raid rank. Instead it is a label that can be applied to our raiders for several reasons: Raiders that are under-performing, Raiders in training, and extraordinary veteran players that cannot make a full commitment to the team at this time. Apprentice status is evaluated on a case by case basis. You will be contacted if the Apprentice label is being given to you. Along with that, a forum thread is started about your Apprentice status that will include the following details: reason(s) for Apprentice status, what kind of playtime you can expect while the label is active (eg. heroic farm, mythic farm, progression, etc), what kind of loot consideration you will be given while the label is active, and most importantly what you should be working on in order to have the label removed.

Confused about these policies? The idea is to provide the raid leadership with a completely flexible system, rather than generalizing people into buckets. It is also designed in order to give one-on-one attention and complete transparency to people labelled as Apprentice. It is a new system we are trying out in Legion, and we will see how it goes!
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Challenge System

Postby Humphries » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:11 pm

The challenge system is something we have used in the past:
  • During Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria we had two 10-man raid teams, and this system was used by people on our second raid team to challenge for a position on the first.
  • During Warlords of Draenor we had three different raid ranks, and this system was used by people at the lower raid ranks to challenge people in the higher raid ranks.
  • In Legion we are moving towards a single Raider rank and an Apprentice labeling system. It is unclear at this time how we might use the challenge system in Legion, so we have left this information here for now for historical reasons, and because we may find a way to leverage the system in the future.

While no system is perfect, mechanics have been put in place to try to be as fair as possible to both parties during a challenge. If you have thoughts that may improve how this system works, please contact any guild officer.

The challenger must first notify the current raid leader (Humphries) that he/she wishes to challenge person X for their spot on the mythic team. A three person judgement council is then formed which includes the raid leader, a person chosen by the raid leader, and a person chosen by the challenger. The two people chosen must be current raiders of the mythic team. The council will then rate both the challenger and the target of the challenge against the following criteria (further details about each category can be found here).

  • Situational Awareness - 10 Points Possible
  • Attitude - 8 Points Possible
  • Attendance - 8 Points Possible
  • Play Style - 8 Points Possible
  • DPS/HPS/TPS - 6 Points Possible
  • History with guild - 4 Points Possible
  • Class Fit - 6 Points Possible
  • Total - 50 Points Possible
On a per category basis, half of a maximum score would be an average rating, anything above half would be better than average, and anything lower than half is below average.

There are several outcomes that may come from any given challenge:
  • Nothing changes. It is decided that the challenger is not deserving of a promotion at this time. In addition, the targeted member is performing at a level that is worthy of maintaining that status.
  • Status swap. It is decided that the challenger is performing at levels worthy of promotion. In addition, the targeted member is not performing well and is demoted.
  • Both become the higher rank. It is decided that both the challenger and targeted member are performing at levels worthy of higher status.
  • Both become the lower rank. It is decided that both the challenger and existing core raider are not deserving of higher status at this time.

It is important to note that no person in any of the above scenarios will be removed from the mythic team. The challenge system is simply a method to bring your performance (or a teammate's lack of performance) to the attention of the raid leader(s).

The results and scores will be sent to both the challenger and the targeted member, along with all three judges. However, it will not be known which judges assigned which scores.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Humphries » Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:09 pm

How big is the mythic team?
At any given time, we need to be able to field 2 tanks, 5 healers, and 13 DPS for the 20-man mythic raid environment. However, we also need to ensure that we have extra coverage for all major positions (tank, healer, DPS). This means that we would like at least 3 people who have a quality tank spec they are comfortable with, around 6 people who are comfortable in a healing spec, and around 14 people who are comfortable in a DPS spec. Ideally there would be no more than 4 or 5 melee DPS in that breakdown. Lastly, non-mythic content allows us to have a flexible roster up to a size of 30. Because of this, the team size may fluctuate anywhere between 23 and 30 people.

How is the roster for the mythic team decided?
Each expansion, we do a full roster reset and give everybody the same opportunity to make the team. We encourage anyone who is interested to tryout for the mythic team. Level quickly, acquire pre-raid gear by any available means, and be prepared for the first raid week. Since heroic difficulty allows for flexible rosters, we can take up to 30 people into the raid where we can evaluate the above criteria and select a team to move forward with.

How will I know I am a mythic raider?
You will be informed when you are selected for the mythic team. You will also be informed if you are replaced on the mythic team.

How do I become a mythic raider after the team has been established?
If you are outside our guild, you need to apply. If you are inside our guild, you need to start by discussing your intentions with the raid leader(s) of the various groups. If a vacancy opens up on the mythic team, and you are a top performer in a similar role, a raid leader may approach you to see if you are interested in the mythic team.

In all of the above cases, should it go to the next step, you will be treated similarly to a recruit. You will be brought along for flexible heroic farm content, and possibly some mythic farm content. You will be measured against the mythic team criteria and a decision will be made as to whether you will join the team permanently.

I am on the mythic team but at a lower rank than I want to be. How do I get promoted?
Issue a formal "Challenge" to a member of the mythic team, as explained here.

How do I stay a mythic raider?
Continue to be one of the top performers. No one spot on the mythic team is permanent. If someone of the same type of spec is outperforming you consistently, you will lose your mythic status. If you continually die in a fire or cause unnecessary raid wipes, you will lose your mythic status. This gives us the best possible chance at clearing current content.

What type of communication is expected from me?
As a mythic raider, it is assumed that you will attend all three raids during the week. If you are unable to attend, please contact (forum post, PM, email, in-game) the appropriate people as soon as possible. Personal phone numbers will be provided for raid leaders so that you can contact them in the case of an emergency (power outage, internet down, etc). These measures allow us adequate time to find suitable replacements when necessary. Obviously emergencies and unforeseen absences happen, when/if this occurs please try to contact someone as soon as you are able.

I am a mythic raider, now what?
  • As a mythic raider you are expected to be online at least 10 minutes prior to raid time. You must have all your consumables ready and be at the site of the raid by raid time. If a raid is scheduled for 9pm, the first pull will happen at 9pm. Do not rely on others to get you to the raid or bring consumables for you.
  • You must have a complete understanding of the fights that will be attempted that night. Brief explanations will be given on which strategy will be attempted. However, do not expect lengthy explanations because you did not read up on the fight.
  • After a wipe, you should get back to the raid quickly so there is less downtime and more time for boss attempts. Buffs should be given out without being asked for. There will be one five minute break given during the middle of the entire raiding period.
  • Continue being awesome!
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